History & Heraldry 集团介绍

        我们是所有的有即兴礼品购买需求的公司首选合作伙伴, 专门为各种各样的零售商提供个性化、基于情感的、高品质的产品, 包括独立团体、园艺中心和旅游景点。我们所有的创新思路和灵感都是来自于我们精湛的英国设计团队,包括设计师,插画家和文案撰写人。 

        History & Heraldry集团品牌享誉世界,集团旗下品牌产品被翻译成30多个语言,销往全球58个国家。本集团旗下产品,由于高品质,高价值,品牌产品不断创新,目前赢得了全球7万多个忠实客户,450多名销售人员在为这些客户不断提供高品务。

           We are the go-to company for all your impulse-buy gifting needs, specialising in personalised and sentiment-based, high-quality ranges for a whole variety  of retail outlets, including independents, garden centres and tourist attractions.  All of our innovative lines are designed here in the UK

 by a talented team of designers, illustrators and copywriters.  With distribution in 58 countries and products translated into 30 languages, History & Heraldry have enjoyed award-winning success around the globe.  Over 450 sales people service some 70,000 customers who have discovered the quality, value and innovation offered by our impulse-buy gift ranges.